Imagine Math

Release Date

In this release, we have introduced Benchmark enhancements and a new beta Benchmark report which includes Quantiles for PreK-2. We also include bug fixes and enhancements.

Beta Benchmark Report

A new Benchmark Report (Beta) is available for all educators inside the current Benchmark report.

Try the new Benchmark Report Experience

Clicking "Try the new Benchmark report experience (Includes PreK-2 data)" will introduce you to the new report:

New Benchmark Report

  • The new report includes a newly styled Performance Level Guide
  • We are introducing a new Performance Level graph to show students that fall into each performance level based on their Quantile® measure.
    Performance Bar Chart Tool Tip
  • Print, Export, and Customize Table features are available
  • Group by filters can be utilized to view data on all Classrooms, Students, Grades, or Teachers of a school
    • Group by all Grades can be utilized at the district level
      Group by drop down menu
  • Benchmarks can be compared through the Benchmark drop-down menu, or you can select a single Benchmark to see how students performed for a specific Benchmark assessment
    Benchmark comparison drop down menu

Benchmark Scoring Update

  • PreK-2 students now have Quantiles®!
  • K-2 students also receive Performance Levels
  • Time in Benchmark is now reported for all students
    Growth chart of the new Benchmark report

Benchmark Roster Update

  • PreK-2 students can now be assigned Benchmark 2 and 3 assessments
  • The 90-day growth period between Benchmark assignments has been removed
    • Imagine Math strongly recommends waiting at least 90-days between assessments in order to allow student growth
  • The 96-hour Benchmark 2 and 3 invalidation window has been removed

Bug Fixes

  • Last login metric not updating - We added a timeout of one hour to Grade 3+ students so they are forced to log in and update their last login metric.
  • Usage: Overview custom date range selection - You can now select today! (Usage metrics updated hourly)
  • Teachers provisioned to non-existent organizations as district admins - An error will be presented on import preventing the teacher account from getting into a non-functional state.
  • Infinite loading on QR code scanner on iOS devices - The webkit for iOS can only support camera detection in iOS 11+. We will present that no cameras were detected on devices that do not support the browser's use of the camera.