Imagine Math

Release Date

New Dashboard Report (Beta) :
New Dashboard Report Beta page

You can now see data for all grade levels in the new Dashboard Report (Beta). Just click the banner at the top to toggle between the old Dashboard Report and the new one.

  • Usage widget: Displays lessons attempted and average weekly math time for students enrolled in your organization
  • Benchmark widget: Displays a diverging stacked bar chart to display Performance Level groupings for students in your organization for each Benchmark assessment.

New Grade 2 Lessons:

We released lessons 50-60 in Grade 2. Those lessons can be previewed in our PreK-2 Lesson Explorer.

Lesson Explorer page highlighting the PreK-2 Lesson Explorer button

Lessons 50 through 60 shown in the PreK-2 Lesson Explorer.

Report Updates:

  • The Weekly Overview Report has been updated so it's more clear what information will be available in the Usage: Overview Report.
    Screenshot of the new Weekly Overview Report Email.
  • The Usage: Overview report now has the column Most Recent Performance Level returned and available when viewing student data.
    Usage: Overview Report column headers showing the new Most Recent Performance Level column.
  • The Usage: Overview report will show a warning when there are too many columns selected and won't fit on the page when printing. The report can support all columns selected when viewing it in the browser or exporting to Excel.
    Usage Overview Report print warning when too many columns are selected.


  • PreK-2 Student sessions would send a lot of requests for content. We concatenated and minified the files so students can get the same amount of content in less requests.
  • Grade 3+ students are no longer redirected to their home page after making a successful donation to a classroom goal or charity.

Bug Fixes:

  • Students that entered open review weren't able to start new lessons we released. We identified the cause and now allow students to enter their lesson sequence 
  • Last login shows earlier on Usage Overview than Student Progress. We identified that students weren't logging out, so they didn't need to log in the next day to work on the program. We added timeouts so students need to log in to start a new session.
  • Troubleshooting Tips for PreK-2 has the "Skip Activity by Teacher" option listed. This was confusing because we don't support this option. We removed the option from the troubleshooting tips.
  • Microsoft Edge wouldn't load the educator portal. We fixed it so Microsoft Edge can load the educator portal and reports.
  • Firefox would print the Student Progress Report with the footer and cover some of the report. We fixed it so the footer doesn't cover components on the page when printing.
  • Printing the Usage Overview Report would try and print all of the columns. We fixed it so you only print the columns selected in the Customize Table Columns selector.
  • The logout button didn't work for educator accounts. You can now log out of your account properly.
  • The Lesson Explorer button wouldn't work sometimes. We fixed it so it works all of the times.
  • Negative Quantile growth would display a prefix of "EM" rather than the negative symbol. We now show negative Quantile growth as an integerQ. Example "-58Q".
  • Fixed the footer from eating up key components on some pages.
  • We've returned the "Student is an ELL" option when editing any student.
  • The Usage: Overview report would link to Student Progress Reports incorrectly resulting in a 500 error. We fixed the links and clicking a student name will take you to the correct Student Progress Report page.
  • Updated some documents in Teaching Resources to point to the latest versions.