Imagine Math

Release Date

Summary: In this release, we hunkered down to focus on fixing some bugs and incorporating user feedback to make our new reports clearer. Check them out below.

Educator Content:

  • We renamed the Learning Pathways page to "Pathways: Imagine Math Grade 3+" and removed the message saying to stay tuned for PreK-2 information.
    Learning Pathways page
  • We added "Imagine Math Grade 3+" to the titles for standards correlations in Teaching Resources to make it clear which students the documents are intended to be referenced.
    Teaching Resources page filtered to Grade 3+ correlation docs

Benchmark Report (Beta):

  • We added tooltips to help understand what each column means
    Benchmark Report (Beta) aggregate level showing tool tip for Avg Time in Benchmark
    Benchmark Report (Beta) Student level showing tool tip for Quantile Growth

Other Enhancements:

  • Some Math Helps would not play for our Live Teachers while assisting students. We made an update to have the right help files play for Live Teachers.

Bug Fixes:

  • Clever synced students couldn't have their passwords edited. We fixed this so you can edit student passwords for Clever synced students.
  • "Enroll in Demo Pathway" would show up when editing a non-demo student. We've hidden this option when editing a non-demo student.
  • Switching from the new Dashboard Report (Beta) to the old Dashboard Report displayed a weird image. We've updated the routing so you can smoothly return to the old Dashboard Report if needed.
  • New Dashboard Report (Beta) Teacher Activity Feed would be stuck on loading. We fixed it so it loads the Activity Cards correctly.
  • Changing the classroom in the new Dashboard Report (Beta) breadcrumbs doesn't update the Usage widget. We fixed this so now you can toggle between classrooms on the new Dashboard Report (Beta) to see data update in the report.
  • Reward areas were not loading for PreK-2 students in some cases. We fixed it so the reward areas would load properly.
  • Students rostered with last year's data would continue to show up in the PreK-2 Student Data Export. We updated the export to exclude inactive Grade 3 students in the PreK-2 Learning Environment from the PreK-2 Student Data Export.