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New Group and Organization Dashboards

Multiple-Groups Dashboard
Teachers with multiple groups now land on a dashboard that displays per group average article score, average weekly usage, and the total number of articles complete. Click on a group to view the new group-specific dashboard.

Multiple Groups Dashboard


Group-specific Dashboard
Drilling down into a group reveals the new group-specific dashboard. The group dashboard highlights for teachers written responses that need to be graded, units with recent activity, and student performance metrics including average article score, total usage time, and total number of articles completed.

Group-specific Dashboard



District Administrator Dashboard
Program administrators on the district level will see a list of school organizations with a variety of usage metrics.

Organization dashboard


School Administrator Dashboard
Clicking on a school jumps to the school administrators view which shows the list of groups in the school along with average group article score, average weekly usage, and total number of articles complete. Clicking on a group name brings the user to the group-specific dashboard (teacher view).

School admin dashboard


Audio Controls for Teachers

By default, students have the ability to listen on a per paragraph basis to recorded audio of the passage being read (recorded by live actors). Now teachers have the option to disable the availability of audio support through the Manage Students section of their Dashboard. To control audio for a single student, edit the student account. To control audio for one or more students at once, use the bulk edit option.

individual editbulk edit

Power Sentence Lesson Updated

The Power Sentence Lesson on-screen view has been updated to match the Power Sentence Lesson PDF download. In addition, formatting has been adjusted to improve readability. A link to the full Power Sentence Lesson protocol is now contained within the Teacher Preparation section of each lesson.

Power Sentence lesson


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where some student data was not showing up in the grading dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue where usage calculations may have been off.
  • Improved the functionality of the group pull-down menu for admin users.
  • Fixed an issue where the bread crumb navigation trail was getting stuck when using the back button.
  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements to enhance user experience.