Imagine Reading

Release Date

What's New

Clarifying the Instructional Flow - Phase 1

Phase 1 redesigns the Unit Overview page, dividing it into three "steps":

  1. Focus Question (Introduction to the unit)

  2. Deep Reading Cycle (Instruction rotates through Power Sentence lesson, scaffolded independent reading, and article discussion)
  3. Synthesis Project (Culminating group project that reflects back on the Focus Question and what has been learned across the unit)

In addition, we have called out the Focus Question more prominently and restyled the passage information labels for improved clarity. The Synthesis Questions and project downloads have moved to the bottom of the page as part of "Step 3."


Unit Overview

From Articles to Passages

Imagine Reading texts represent a variety of genres and text types including, fiction, non-fiction, comics, and soon to be added poetry units. To better reflect this variety of content we have begun replacing the term article with passage throughout the app.


Bug Fixes

  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements to enhance user experience.