Imagine Reading

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What's New

Clarifying the Instructional Flow - Phase 2

Phase 2 introduces a new left-side navigation bar for teachers. This navigation provides for a clearer view of the components of an instructional unit as well as a more convenient means to navigate between sections. In phase 3 we will be adding a new overview page for each passage that will unify instructional resources and data to inform instruction.

New left-side navigation



The Synthesis Questions and project downloads are now available at the bottom of the left-side bar.

Synthesis downloads


Reporting Updates

Changes have been made to student progress reports so that data will only display in reports and the grading dashboard for passages that students have completed and submitted with the "Finish" button. Student scores may appear lower due to the presence of ungraded written responses. Visit the grading dashboard to grade work so passage scores can show their complete value.


Focus Question Videos

The video length for each unit’s introductory Focus Question video is now displayed in the unit overview. We recommend showing the introductory unit video to your group to start off each unit and spark a discussion around the unit’s Focus Question.

focus question videos


Credit Where Credit is Due

Imagine Reading passages are enriched by the creative contributions of writers, photographers, and illustrators. We have improved the way text and image credits are displayed at the end of each passage. Click open the credits tab to check them out.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some students were stuck in a state where they could not submit a passage even though they had completed all of the questions. They can now return to the passage to click "Finish."

  • Improved formatting of on-demand printable resources. 

  • Standardized behavior of breadcrumb navigation so it always reflects the content hierarchy.  

  • Fixed printout for two comic-based passages where the images were not reproducing in the PDF. (Where Does the Sun Get Its Shine? and The Hero Twins

  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements to enhance user experience.