Imagine Reading

Release Date

Release 2019.12.11 adds useful features for readers. When reading a passage, both students and teachers can now click on any image within the passage to enlarge it. The dictionary tool has added audio support so users can listen to the selected word being pronounced.


View Images in Detail

Imagine Reading passages contain rich images that assist with comprehension and engage readers. While reading an Imagine Reading passage, users can now click on any image to enlarge it. Click the X at the top right corner to close the image.

Inline image


Enlarged image

Listen to a Word

Students can use the built-in Merriam-Webster dictionary at any time by selecting a word they would like to learn about. To listen to the word being pronounced, students can click on the new audio icon beside the word.

Dictionary with audio button

Group Dashboard Toggle

When viewing the group dashboard page, if you have more than one class group you can now toggle between groups using the dropdown selector.

Dashboard group toggle

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the print dialog was not consistently opening when printing login cards.

  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements to enhance user experience.