Imagine Reading

Release Date

Release 2019.12.18 includes improvements to the teacher grading view. Detailed answer keys are now available for all question types include complex, technology-enhanced items. More detail and clarity has been brought to the display of individual student responses. New column headers, labels, and tool tips have been implemented.

Improved Answer Keys

After students submit a completed passage, their work becomes available to their teacher in the Grading view. Detailed answer keys are now available for all question types include complex, technology-enhanced items. Note: As students work in Imagine Reading, the answer choices are shuffled so that students don't see the same order of choices as other students. As a result, the answer key may not always align with the way the student saw the question, but the student answers will still be correctly marked.

detailed answer keys

Detailed Student Responses

Along the right side of the teacher grading view are the individual student responses for the selected question. We have brought more clarity and detail to these responses. When viewed in conjunction with the answer key, teachers can pinpoint areas of student misunderstanding and intervene as needed.

student responses

Presentation Mode 2.0

Each reading passage is introduced with a teacher-facilitated Power Sentence Lesson. We have added more options to the digital Presentation Mode which accompanies each lesson plan. After delivering the lesson, use Presentation Mode at any time to review the sentence chunks and their meaning. The Review tab provides the original prompts and sentence chunks used in the lesson. Wrap-up the lesson or provide extra practice using the Reconstruct tab. Reconstruct mode allows the user to work freely with the sentence chunks to explore ways to create meaning.

Presentation Mode button

Using Presentation Mode GIF

Labels and Tooltips 

We have brought clarity to data tables by providing clearer labels and hover tooltips with additional detail about the data being viewed.

tool tips

graph labels

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where student responses were sometimes showing as incorrect when they were actually correct.

  • Fixed an issue where student names were appearing as available in the grading drop down menu even though they had not completed the passage. Now, students will only show as selectable in the menu if they have completed the passage. Reminder: student score data and grading do not become available until they have completed all tasks in the passage and submitted the passage by clicking the FINISH button.

student drop down list
  • Fixed an issue where when clicking on Manage Students, students from outside the teacher's group were listed.

  • Various other bug fixes and minor improvements to enhance user experience.