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Group Dashboard Widgets

On the dashboard for an individual group, you will see the new "Grading to be Done" widget that highlights for teachers the top articles needing grading attention. Each written responses a student submits counts as an "ungraded item." The addition of Grading to be Done should help highlight for teachers the need to engage in reviewing student work and makes for a convenient jumping off point to do so. Look for additional widgets coming to this group-specific dashboard in our future releases.

Grading to be Done


Click on the name of the article to jump directly to the grading dashboard for that particular article.


Ungraded Items Per Article

When viewing the list of articles for a unit, we now display the number of ungraded items remaining for each article. As items are graded they will become a part of the Average Score shown above. Click on the ungraded items to jump to the grading dashboard for that article.


Ungraded items per article

Grading dashboard


Benchmark Scheduler

Teachers and administrators now have access to the Galileo Benchmark "Easy Scheduler" through the dashboard side bar under the Quick Start section.


Benchmark Scheduler


Groups Selections Stick

When navigating between the dashboard, unit library, and grading dashboard, the selected group now remains constant making for an improved workflow.


Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and minor improvements to enhance user experience.