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Educator Experience

New Overview Report

A new group-level Overview Report shows students' scores across all units. The Overview Report shows students' points and percentages for correct, incorrect, not marked (ungraded), and unattempted questions. As students submit their answers to reading questions, the Overview Report updates their overall score.

Teachers can use the Grading tab for each article to manually grade their students’ written responses using built-in rubrics. Once student responses are graded, the Overview Report displays updated scores.

Overview Report

More article-level data

In the Unit library, you can now see additional information for units and articles when you view a unit. The Focus Question displays at the top of each unit. Each article now shows the Lexile measurement and word count for each article.

You can now see information about students’ progress for each article, including how many students have finished, not started, or are working on the article. You can also see the group's current average score for each article.

Article-level data

Improved menu navigation

Improved navigation and menu headers make it easier to find what you’re looking for and to understand what’s available.

Student Experience

New feedback for incorrect responses

When students submit an incorrect response, they now see what the correct answer should be—in addition to seeing that it was an incorrect response.


They cannot change their answer.

Correct answer

Improved highlighting and annotations

Student-made highlighting and annotations are now shown in blue to differentiate them from the Imagine Learning highlighting and annotations, which are shown in yellow. Student annotations in the sidebar are now labeled MY NOTE.

Student highlights and annotations


Student-made annotations are now distinguished by blue highlighting and the label MY NOTE.

My Note

New Submitted answer indicator

After a student submits a response, a new Submitted icon appears to show that the question has been completed. This helps students to more easily scan an article for unsubmitted questions.

Submitted answer

Improved dictionary interface

Improvements to the dictionary minimize the need for scrolling and increase focus on the definition. To look up the definition of a word, select the word and choose Dictionary from the menu.

Dictionary lookup

Bug Fixes

  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements to enhance user experience.