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Release Date

Release 2020.01.21 gives teachers the ability to completely reset a student(s) progress on a passage, allowing for a fresh start with the passage. Students can now see an indicator showing which of their passages are currently "in progress" as well as an indicator for when passages they revisit have already been completed. A graph showing student daily usage for the current week is now available.

A Fresh Start

Teachers can now reset a student(s) progress on a passage. This feature might be used if a student has worked on a passage prematurely or if a student has submitted a passage without putting in adequate effort. The passage can be reset to "square one" and will no longer show as completed or in progress.

You can manage this feature from the grading page for any passage. Use the left side navigation to open a passage and select Grading. Use the menu at the top right of the grading page to select the reset option. Select one or more students to be reset and confirm. All progress data is immediately removed. Any usage time associated with this passage will not be deleted.

Grading link in sidebar


reset menu


select students


confirm dialog

In Progress Indicator

As students begin work on a passage a new icon (green hollow circle) will display on both the unit and passage level to indicate which passages they have started to work on. When the passage is completed and has been submitted by the student, the indicator turns to a green check mark.

in progress indicator

Completion Indicator in Progress Bar

As students are working on a passage, the progress bar at the bottom of their screen shows how many questions are remaining before they can submit the passage using the Finish button. After submitting the passage, if students return to that passage they will now see an indication that they have already completed the passage with the option to return to the unit list. Students may want to return to a passage to re-read their responses or notes when considering the unit focus question or working on their Synthesis Project.

View while working on a passage:

progress bar

View upon returning to a completed passage:

passage completed

Daily Usage

Daily usage for the current week for an individual student is now available in the teacher Dashboard. Click on a group and then a student's name to see the Daily Usage graph. As the week progresses, additional usage will be reflected. The Weekly Usage graph does not include the current week, but shows the total usage per week for the previous 4 calendar weeks. The date at the bottom is the starting date of that calendar week. (Sunday through Saturday).

usage chart