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Release Date

Release 2020.03.19 gives students the ability to revise a written response before sending it to their teacher. The "Finish" button for submitting completed passages has been relabeled "Send to Teacher."

Student Response Revision

Students can now opt to revise their written responses. After clicking "Submit" on the item, a "Change Response" option becomes available which can be used to open up the question for revision. Students might use this option if they have submitted their response prematurely or if encouraged by their teacher to add more to the response.

Only free response (written) items can be revised and only prior to finishing and submitting the entire passage. Once the student has clicked "Send to Teacher" they can no longer revise any items. Students may revisit a completed passage for reference, but at that point will not be able to make any changes. Revisiting a passage can be useful during class discussions or when reviewing the unit's Focus Question while working on the Synthesis Project.

Item revision animation

New "Finish" Button

The button students use to submit their completed passage has been relabeled Send to Teacher.

View while working on a passage:

Passage in progress


Passage complete and ready to be submitted:

Passage ready to send to teacher


View upon returning to a completed passage:

Completed passage upon revisit

Learn more about the Power Sentence Lesson

A video demonstrating how to leverage the power of the Power Sentence Lesson can now be accessed from any of the Jump Start units. Click the information icon in the Power Sentence Lesson box of the passage Overview, or view the video any time from the Guides section of the Help Center.

Jump Start info box


Location of video in Help CenterView of Power Sentence Lesson video

Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and minor improvements to enhance user experience.