STAAR Readiness

iPad management


You can find instructions here for installing the STARR Readiness application on iPads. Unfortunately, due to Apple's policies regarding apps that download Flash code, this app isn't available through the App Store. You can install the app onto iPads using Mobile Device Management (MDM), Apple Configurator, or manually.

Mobile Device Management

The app can be installed using any MDM that supports installation of enterprise apps. Since our app is not available in the App Store, the process may be slightly different than installing a usual app. The specifics of the installation process may vary, depending on your MDM.

To install the app with most MDM systems

  1. Contact our Customer Care team at 866-457-8776 to obtain the app file (.ipa) and save it to a location where you store apps for your devices.
  2. Install or load the app using your device management system.
  3. Push the updates out to your devices.

Apple Configurator

You can use Apple Configurator to mass configure iOS devices. For specific instructions on adding and installing the app, see Add apps and Install apps in Apple Configurator Help.

To install the app using Apple Configurator

  1. Download the app file to the folder of your choice. You need to find this file using Apple Configurator, so be sure to remember the folder you selected.
  2. Add the app to Apple Configurator
  3. Install the app with Apple Configurator.

If the supervised device is shared and you designated a backup, you should re-create the backup so that any information added to the new app by a user is also overwritten when the device is reconnected to the computer with Apple Configurator installed.

Manual installation

Manual installation is the preferred method for installing the app on a single device. This method is not recommended for organizations with many devices because you'll need to touch each device, and updating the devices is time-consuming.

To install the app

  1. Go to Download apps, tap iPad,  and select Install on a single device.
  2. Grant permissions to allow the app to install.
  3. The app installs automatically.

Starting with iOS 9, the app needs to be added to the iPad’s trust profile. If the app is not added, students will be unable to open the app and will see a notification that the enterprise apps will not be available for use.